Fruska Gora Danube Region Resource Center successfully implemented another project in the field of networking the stakeholders from the public and civil sector


The project entitled “Improvement the local development of the Fruska Gora Danube region through the networking the stakeholders from the public and civil sector” has been approved for the co-financing within the scope of the Call for proposals, published by the Provincial Secretariat for Regional Development, Interregional Cooperation and Local Self-Government, and has been successfully implemented by the Resource Center.

Core activities within the project were educational programs organized on 14th and 22nd December at “Strazilovo“ Mountaineering-skiing club, for the 20 representatives of civil and public sector, which were moderated and held by experts on the following topics:

  1. “Rural development and key actors” and “Public, private and civil sector as partners in rural development capacity building”
  2. “IPARD and other EU funds in the function of rural development” and “Fruska Gora Danube tourism”
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