History and aims

Fruska Gora Danube Region Resource Center stand as a result of public-private collaboration of PE National Park Fruska Gora and NGOs Camping Association of Serbia and Camping Association of Vojvodina.

Collaboration on establishment of FGDR Center was initiated through joined project started in Septembre 2013 and co-financed by EU and Austrian Development Agency. Project has been supported activities on two levels, simultaniously:

-From benefiaicry side, Project has invited regional stakeholders in tourism as one of the main pillars of regional economy and started comprehensive process of networking and education. The series of meeting has been organised and stakeholders were invited to indicate priorities in development of regional tourism.

– Institutional level was planned towards establishment of Regional Resource Center as new institution and one common address for all interested parties in relation to sustainable development of the Region.

The process of institutionalisation of regional Resource Center has been designe to provid all necessary steps both, in legal foundation and planning and performing massive reconstruction of new sit in order to create contemporery equipped multifunctional working space, suitable for:

  1. Office for projects administration, equipped with modern IT and communication equipment;
  2. Comfort group work for up to 25 participants;
  3. Accommodation over night for up to 4 persons.


FGDR Center is center of excellency and main force in regional sustainable development. 


Center continuously formulates and implemets regionaly and localy based projects and contribute to sustainability of development of Fruska Gora Danube Region.


Center obtain designed role, contributing the following objectives:

  • Improvement of plan and project documentation quiality under active role in local/regional process of planning, in the area of sustainable development;
  • Protect interests of regional and local stakeholders and interested parties by taking active role as interested party, offering expertise and technical assistance in local/regional planning and decision making processes;
  • development initatives of regional stakeholders and interested parties by taking active role in formulation of initiatives and offering technical assistance in selection of financial models and/or finding/selection of partners;
  • Provide support to regional/local stakeholders in implementation of development activities by offering expertise and tehnical assistance;
  • Promotes the Region by profiling, creating and dissemination of information towards selected tageted groups;
  • Increases the availability of information through continuous work on gathering, processing, storing and presentation of various information vital for regional/local stakeholders, investors, donors, authorities and other institutions/organisations;
  • Formulates and implements bottom-up and from-up-to-bottom initiatives inside the Region;
  • Encourage and support international cooperation and participation of regional/local organisations and institutions in the work of international bodies and organisations, in implementation of internationals partnerships and fulfillment of internationally agreed obligations.






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