Poetry of soul

If you want to go down the road of history and culture, Fruska Gora will not disappoint you.

Through the time his part of Panonian Basin was a place of turbulent events which often caused mixing of cultures and nations. Each of those nations left an imprint in form of a rich cultural heritage. Visit middle-age monasteries built in 15th and 16th century, fortresses such as Petrovaradin fortress, archaeological sites and many other landmarks.

Here you will discover a sanctuary of Serbian spirituality, art and culture. You will meet the monarchs of the last middle-age dynasty Branković who preserved the tradition and appreciation of heritage among their people, metropolitans of Karlovci who skilfully led them to freedom through the centuries and poets who wrote about beauty of this region. Visit to this area may be considered as some sort of pilgrimage that will provide you knowledge about the significance of freedom and culture to a nation.

“Lovely is the graceful Srem
It is lovely to live there …”







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