Walking and hiking

Beside barbecue picnics, hiking is certainly one of the most popular activities on Fruska Gora. Hiking will bring you benefits and satisfaction of recreation and physical activity as well as the pleasure of discovering rare natural beauty, cultural and historical sites.

The starting point of several circular hiking trails is the NP “Fruska Gora” Info centre near the monument at Iriski Venac. You can hike by yourself or with a tourist guide.

One of them is the 9.5 km long trail to Paragovo. It goes through the forest and it is marked with many info boards that show the trail and your current position on a map. We recommend you a hike by a trail that leads to monasteries Grgeteg or Staro and Novo Hopovo. Find out the importance of this place for cultural and religious inheritance of Serbian people.

Join thousands of nature lovers who hike or run the traditional Marathon on Fruska Gora every May. Participants choose between 17 trails that differ in location, length and difficultness. The Night Marathon is one more challenge that you should not miss.

Some of the mountain trails are mildly sloped, while others require more effort. You can use marathon trails or Fruska Gora transversal network of trails for an individual hiking adventure or for creating of your own hiking route. We recommend you to follow the signs along the trails and to always hike with some company.







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