In order to fully experience this mountain you should spend time in Eco-camp “Fruska Gora”. The camp is located on the national park border in the near vicinity of Sremski Karlovci. Therefore you can easily reach many interesting destinations from there.

The camping site is situated on the beautiful spot bounded by a stream and a dense forest of various tree species. The visitors enjoy the shade of magnificent coniferous or deciduous trees such as fir, larch, spruce, maple, beech, acacia, oak, ash, and linden. Surrounded by a wooden fence, equipped with mobile furniture and a playground, it is a cosy and a safe place for parents and children.

This is an ideal place for you to enjoy peaceful and relaxing ambience but it can also be your starting point for visits to other interesting sites. Please act in accordance with environmental standards and unspoken rules of environmental protection in order to enable others to enjoy these sites as well.







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