Fruska Gora Danube Region Resource Center is established as association of co-founders as legal entities. Center offers expertise and consulting services in the area of sustainable development, acting on 2 levels.

At Regional level Center cooperates with local and regional authorities and roof organisations, taking role in programming and development of regional and local:

  • Strategies and policies,
  • development initiatives,
  • rules and regulations.

At the level of cooperation with legal entities from public, business and civil society sectors, Center  offers expertise and consulting services in implementation of the following activities:

  1. All stages of Project Cycle:
  • Problem identification
  • Formulation of solutions, development initiatives and project documentation
  • Implementation of project activities
  • Monitoring&Evaluation of project activities
  1. Education and training of regional stakeholders and interested parties.
  1. Networking and development of capacity for cooperation of stakeholders in regional sustainable development.
  1. Selection of partners in and out of the Region and support in building the partnerships.
  1. Financing of formulated development initiatives and projects.
  1. Supporting cooperation with other regions in and out of the country, cooperation with international governmental and roof organisations and support to implementation of international agreements.
  1. Gathering, processing, storing and presentation of information relevant to sustainable development of the Region.
  1. Introduction and application of new technologies and standards.
  1. Promotion of tourism, natural, cultural and historical values under the common framework of regional socio-economic development.
  1. Conducting public procurement according to PRAG procedures






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