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1 day tour: Biking on Fruska Gora: Nature and Monasteries Sightseeing Tour

This tour is an opportunity for quick recovery of your physical condition and mental energy, an opportunity to discover natural treasuries of National Park Fruska Gora, to feel spirituality nurtured in monasteries there, and get a better insight of the role and significance of this area in making the history and the culture of Serbian nation.

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2 days tour: The Abundance of Tradition, Culture and Flavours on Fruska Gora’s Slopes

Join us on a short but very rich adventure, feel the aromas and flavours of Fruska Gora and get insight in extensive tradition and monuments, the testimony of turbulent history and strong people originated from this area.

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3 days tour: Healthy Food, Healthy Body and Healthy Mind

We invite you to enjoy your weekend with Anti-stress Program on Fruska Gora.

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Travel agencies offering this programs:

PanaComp Wonderland Travel

Bulevar Cara Lazara 96, 21000 Novi Sad
+38121466075, +38121466076

Mons Travel  Novi Sad

Zmaj Jovina 26, PC LUPUS LOKAL 10, 21000 Novi Sad,
+381216335707, +381606335707

Vama Tours

Jevrejska 33, 21000 Novi Sad
+3816423695 24






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