Poetry on water

The gorgeous Danube River has always been a major trade and transport artery connecting cultures and nations over the centuries. Its banks hosted the first settlements, fortresses and middle-age towns, monasteries and churches.

Its magnificent 3,505 km long flow connects 80 million people in ten countries: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine.

Danube is navigable all the way through Serbia and numerous channels, swamps and distributaries make navigation even more interesting. In addition to the natural beauty of the river there are many cultural monuments and unforgettable fortresses and towns along the way, a number of nature reserves, archaeological sites, forts from Roman period and middle ages, which altogether makes the Danube region in Serbia very attractive among tourists and adventurers.

Danube is considered to be the most visited river destination in the world. You should come and see for yourself why that is so. Feel the glory of this river, get into different adventures, boating, kayaking or catamaran ride, discover the most beautiful beaches and enjoy the swimming.

“Oh Danube, oh Danube, I left my heart with you…”







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