Wine and song

Where there's wine, there are also songs!

Here, where the perfect match between wine and song has been found, is the cradle of Serbian romanticism. Here were written the very first verses of Branko Radicevic’s poems, inspired by indigenous lyrical motifs and sentiment as well as joy and beauty of youth that best describe Fruska Gora and the vibrant force of young generations.

Tambourine orchestras virtuously play well-known old songs such as “Ima jedan kućerak u Sremu” (A little house in Srem), “Pred Senkinom kućom” (In front of Senka’s house), “Gazdarice, srce” (Landlady, my heart), “Divan je kićeni Srem” (Lovely is the graceful Srem), “Osam tamburaša” (Eight tambourines), “Tiho, noći” (Quiet be the night) etc. Do not be surprised if you also hear “Becarac”, which will bring you smile and joy. Even though it does not originate from this area, it grows here as well as the grapevine.







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