Traditional dishes

Srem keeps the family lunch tradition, where everything is in particular order. Well, first things first…

While you sip a homemade mulberry-, quince- or walnut rakija, help yourself to the vorspeis i.e. the entrée. You can choose from a wide selection of cheese and dried meat products such as sausages, kulen sausages, liverwurst, blood sausages, hurka sausage, head cheese, homemade bacon, pork scratches, pork-scratch pate, meat jelly… All that combines great with pastry specialties like homemade rolls, scones, fritters, fried toast, buns, kaiser rolls, dumplings and pies of all kinds.

One cannot imagine a lunch in Srem without a meat soup (mostly poultry). Guinea fowl meat soup is the most delicious but there are also chicken-, duck-, goose-, turkey- or pheasant soup. It is very important that it contains homemade noodles, flakes or groat dumplings.

After soup it is the time for the main course! On a colourful table you may find beef, chicken legs, pork ribs in sauce, mangulica pig stew, fried stakes or meat balls, perkelt, paprikas, potato “in pants”, nasuvo (noodles or flakes with cooked potato), stuffed goose, side dishes… If you are a fan of fish dishes, you can choose between various fish stews and soups, “drunken carp”, traditionally prepared sturgeon, pike in a coat. If you like game meat dishes, hunter’s steaks are the best in Srem. There is also venison stew, wild boar stew, duck in a sour cream sauce, rabbit etc.

At the end, it is time for a desert so you may choose whatever you like. The table is full of strudels, donuts, sweet noodles with poppy seed, sweet dumplings, fried pastry with marmalade, milchbrot, koch, “lazy pie”, pumpkin pie, quitttenkaese (quince cheese), fried apple slices, meringues, vanilla wafer cookies, profiterole, oblande and off course kuglof.







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