Poetry in a bottle

Bermet and other wines from Fruska Gora have been served and enjoyed on European courts over the centuries. Allow yourself to be exhilarated by Fruska Gora Riesling, Zupljanka, Traminer, Beauvieux, Blaufrankisch, Gutedel, Sylvaner or Portugieser. Wine cellars of this area keep the secret of special aromatic red and white wines that are a symbol of this region and are waiting to be discovered.

Taste all wines and find your favourite!

We specially recommend you Bermet, a unique sort of wine made only in this region, with a characteristic sweet flavour and aroma of a desert liqueur wine enriched with over 20 different herbs and spices in order to provide a unique pleasure. Find it in wine cellars in Sremski Karlovci, Nestin, Banostor, Erdevik or Irig and hear the story of your hosts about the wine culture, history and tradition of this area. You can also visit the Wine Ball in Karlovci, a celebration dedicated to grapevine held every year at the end of September.

I drink wine that brings sweet liberty,
When I drink wine, it wipes out my anxiety…”







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