Due to its natural beauty, suitable roads and trails without traffic Fruska Gora is considered to be bicyclists’ heaven. Most of the trails are marked with signs and lead you through magnificent coniferous or deciduous forests, over pastures and meadows connecting natural and cultural curiosities of this area.

Choose between many different exercise and technical trails, asphalt roads, forest trails with mild slopes or extreme ride over ridges and mountain tops.

Stop by one of numerous mountain lodges and resorts for the night or just a quick refreshment or interrupt your ride for a while just to enjoy the view and magnificent scenery.

MTB riders love the traditional MTB Marathon on Fruska Gora. It is usually organised in May and has over 300 participants. There are many different maps instead of one integrated map of all MTB trails on Fruska Gora. They are a combination of asphalt roads and forest hiking trails so you are free to create your own route.

All you need for exploring Fruska Gora is a bicycle, a backpack and a bunch of good mood!

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Use some of the trails that are a part of the MTB Marathon route: LONG MARATHON: 81 km, altitude difference 2470 m, Start-K1,K2,K3-Goal; INTERMEDIATE MARATHON: 56 km, altitude difference 1336 m, Start-K1,K2,K3,K4,K8-Goal; SHORT MARATHON: 32 km, altitude difference 878 m, Start-K1,…K8-Goal (map);
  • SREMSKI KARLOVCI – STRAZILOVO – BRANKO’S GRAVE – GRGETEG MONASTERY ~ 15 km – a short but demanding route that goes mostly by hiking trails through the forest and requires physical stamina;
  • SR.KARLOVCI – MANASTIR KRUŠEDOL ~ 15 km – a medium-demanding route by asphalt road which ascends only up to the village Banstol;
  • SREMSKI KARLOVCI – STRAZILOVO – BRANKO’S GRAVE – TV TOWER – VENAC – HOPOVO – KRUSEDOL ~ 40 km – a demanding route by both asphalt roads and hiking trails on wavy terrain with a few short ascents, which requires physical stamina;
  • IRISKI VENAC – CRVENI COT – REMETA – VRDNIK – IRISKI VENAC (35 km, 700 m ascent) – a non-demanding route by both asphalt road and hiking trails on mildly wavy terrain, also suitable for non-mountain bikes;
  • BOCKE – POPOVICA, through the Kamenicki Park (15 km, 250 m ascent) – a medium-demanding route by asphalt road and hiking trails, which provides a possibility of fast descent by narrow paths;
  • NOVI SAD – RAKOVAC – ZMAJEVAC – IRISKI VENAC – NOVI SAD (34 km, 650 m ascent) – a medium-demanding route by asphalt road, suitable for riding after rain.







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