Souvenirs and handicrafts

Art lives in mind, soul, heart and hands. However, the old crafts are dying making a place for industry, although no machine can make the product better than the skilful hands of an artisan. Nothing reflects a nation better than works of art and crafts that represent people and their visions of themselves and their environment. They describe beliefs, history, legends, depict the way of living, landscapes and people. If you bring them home with you, they will certainly remind you of your journey, the places you have visited and the things you have experienced. You can also learn some of those crafts in a number of workshops.

Fruska Gora region developed many crafts such as design and production of unique jewellery and souvenirs, pottery, blacksmithing, coppersmithing, barrel making, woodcarving, felting, the craft of transferring embroidery patterns to textile and others. It is said that the coppersmithing will survive as long as people make home-made rakija in copper cauldrons, while the craft of barrel making is slowly dying, except in workshops that live as parts of some wineries. Arts of weaving, embroidery and pattern transferring technique are still very appreciated and developed in this area. Transferring is the craft of transferring embroidery patterns to textile. All these crafts have been inherited throughout the generations and the youngest always have a task to try and be better than their teachers.







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