Fruska Gora is easily accessible. It is on 10 km away from Novi Sad and 60 km from Belgrade and international Airport Nikola Tesla. It is in between of two branches of Paneuropean corridor 10, passing around Fruska Gora from east (E75) and south side (E70). By train, it can be reached over towns Indjija, Sremski Karlovci or City of Novi Sad and then, the dense net of suburban bus lines connect urban with suburban settlements.

Fruska Gora – Danube Region covers 5 municipalities, connected by Danube river and covering partly Fruska Gora mountain. From the west to east, the first municipality is Backa Palanka placed at the border with Croatia, the only municipality which lays on both sides of Danube river. Downstream to Danube, the next is Beocin Municipality, which lays with most of its territory on Fruska Gora, and then, there is a City of Novi Sad with several suburban areas located along Danube banks. Following Danube downstream next is Sremski Karlovci Municipality, the smallest but in cultural and historical aspects, the most significant municipality. The last in this row in the Region is Indjija Municipality, the closest to the Airport and Belgrade.

The population of this region is mainly engaged in agricultural business, cropping mostly the cereals and industrial plants. Fruska Gora’s slopes are covered with wine yards. In the Fruska Gora’s valleys, the population nursed culture of hospitality for centuries and in few last decades, become more engaged in tourism business, developing wide range of tourist services, from ethno restaurants to horse riding.

History of this region is reach, and civilizations are known to exist here from ancient times (e.g., Indo-European Vucedol culture), over antic Roman Empire (Vrdnik Tower), through various historical twists and various civilizations to present days and modern way of living.

Today, the population is composed of mix of nationalities, the majorities are people of Serbian nationality and the larger groups of minorities are people of Croatian, Slovak, Russian and Hungarian nationality.









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