Swimming in Danube

Strand in Novi Sad is one of the most beautiful Danube beaches, which is already a good reason for you to be one of thousands of its visitors. Area of seven hectares covered with greenery and almost as much of a sandy beach offers you a number of sport, fun and other activities for visitors of all ages.

Near Karas in Beocinyou may finda more intimate and also one of the most gorgeous sandy beaches on Danube in Serbia.

You can also swim and sunbathe in Backa Palanka. Tikvara beach is positioned between a lake and the river and it is connected to the river bank by a little bridge. Therefore you can swim in both fast and slow water flows.

In Cortanovci forest there is a public beach so you can spend the sunniest part of your day there or you can enjoy the shadow of the forest, walk along the forest trails or visit some of historical or archaeological sites nearby.

Swimming on the mountain

On the southern side of Fruska Gora Mountain there are eleven extraordinary beautiful artificial lakes, some of which are intended for fishing and some for swimming (such as Bruje near Erdevik or  Sota near Sid). Themost visited is BorkovackoLake known for its cottages on water, suitable for true hedonists and only 3 km away from Ruma.






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