Municipal coordinators of LAG FGDR (WG) meeting in Novi Sad

On 12th March 2015 the meeting have been organised with participation of municipal coordinators from Working Group of establishment of LAG FGDR (WG).

The preparation activities for incoming LEADER 1 Conference have been discussed and date for the next meeting of WG with full membership presence was agreed.

It was decided the most desireable and optional dates for the Conference: 26th and 27th March, and alternatively, 31st March and 1st April or 1st and 2nd April 2015. It has been discussed who shall be the presentators and what should be the focus in information and what in the working part od the Conference. It was decided to invite the representatives of LAG Baranja from Croatia as an example of successful LAG from the neighborhood and representative from Sector of Rural  Development from the Ministry of agriculture in IPARD Programe matters.

The meeting was moderated by Coordinator, Dejan Gluvacevic.






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