Atos Resort Koruska

If you need a break from urban life-style and you want to relax, Koruska is a right choice for you.

In “Atos” Resort you can enjoy various specialties prepared by the recipes treasured and inherited through generations of cooks in this region (kulen, sausages, ajvar, pindzur, fruit juices, compotes, marmalades, jams etc.). We offer you a selection of various vines focused on sorts from this area. The resort consists of cascade structures with large balconies and a swimming pool for 20 people. We offer nicely furnished rooms for overnight accommodation for 30 persons, as well as daily accommodation for 150 guests. Enjoy nature at the bank of the Danube and slopes of Fruska Gora.

Potez: Gradine, 21321 Banoštor

+38163660355, +38163601056






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