Association “Granma’s Workshop”

She bequeathed to us a great material inheritance but also as a talent for painting, sawing and embroidery.

“Granma’s Workshop” was established in Banostor in 2010 and based on over 100 year old tradition, since our grandmother Jovanka Rakic (1892-1972) was one of the most well-known tailors and embroideresses in Srem. She Our collection of her old embroidery patterns is the greatest in this region. In our shop we make souvenirs, translate embroidery patterns to the fabric, embroider and saw.

We created an authentic souvenir for Banostor and the Beocin municipality – a decorated wooden mixing spoon with traditional motives from Vojvodina (storks, swans, sunflowers, shadoofs, Sosa & Lala etc.). Srem is well known for its delicious cuisine, but also for energetic women who have always had the final say in their houses and were often likely to brandish a mixing spoon at their husbands or children. Therefore we chose it to be a symbol of this area.

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