Manifestation “Odjeci belog majdana”

Manifestation “Odjeci belog majdana” is an exhibition of traditional arts and crafts, wines, food and agricultural products.

The event named “Odjeci belog majdana” in Rakovac is an exhibition of traditional arts and crafts, wines, food, agricultural products and national dances where visitors are invited to actively participate.

It is organised by the Association “Miroska’s Handicrafts” from Rakovac and it is usually held at the beginning of June (on Saturday) on the plateau in front of Beli Majdan cave at the slopes of Fruska Gora.

The exhibitors and all participants were from the region (Srem, Banat and Backa) in 2012 and 2013.

The goal of this event is to prove that culture and tourism that are in accordance with environmental protection principles may be the base for sustainable development of tourism. The event is intended to grow, adjust and improve its programme in order to contribute to development of tourism in Rakovac and the Municipality of Beocin.

Nikole Tesle 37, Rakovac, Beočin







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