Public involvement and cooperation as a precondition for nature conservation in Serbia

The project aims to ensure that important Serbian nature values are maintained and at the same time new socio-economic possibilities for the region will be developed, i.e. to ensure public involvement in nature conservation in Serbia by building capacity of civil society as well of local authorities and park administrations.

This has been provided by FGNP and the surrounding region with new ideas and possibilities in terms of nature management, eco-tourism and stimulates the development of activities between different stakeholders benefiting the region as a whole. Cooperation between different stakeholders has stimulated by developing an Action Plan using a participatory approach, implementing local initiatives and development of a pilot eco-camping site.


  • To enhance cooperation between civil society, local authorities Fruska gora National Park administration on integration of socio-economic benefits with nature conservation interests in Fruska gora;
  • To gain practical experience for all parties to cooperate through the execution of activities on preventing a conflict of interests between economic development and nature conservation;
  • To disseminate knowledge and practical experience gained during the project at local and national level.


  • Development of the management plan for Fruska gora National Park;
  • Implementation of a Study tour;
  • Execution of a small grant programme;
  • Execution of a training programmes;
  • Development and distribution of education packages;
  • Establishment of a eco-camping site;
  • Regional/national workshops.

Camping Association of Serbia, together with NGO Balkan Urban Movement, was a partner on this project, which was led by Stidit, The Dutch Foundation for Dialogue in Transition Regions. The project was executed within the Matra programme with the support of Dutch Ministry of foreign affairs, from May 2010 to October 2012.






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