Mountain Logde Strazilovo

Mountain Logde Srazilovo was built in 1962. Over the years it became a favorite spot of mountaineers, hikers and nature lovers.

Mountain Lodge Strazilovo is located in the northeastern part of Fruska Gora, isolated in the beautiful Starzilovska Forest, only 5 km away from Sremski Karlovci and 12 km away from Novi Sad.

It is an educational, recreational and tourist center. Each year we host international, national and regional competitions in orienteering, mountain biking and mountaineering. It is also our pleasure to take a part in organization of cultural events such as concerts, art workshops and performances of folklore dance groups and amateur theaters.

The facility comprises large hall, TV room, multimedia classroom, well-equipped kitchen and four bathrooms. On the first floor of the building there are 4- and 6-bed rooms (total accommodation capacity of 50 beds). There are also illuminated courts for soccer, badminton and volleyball, a botanical garden (arboretum of trees and bushes of Fruska Gora), an opened amphitheatre (“forest cinema”), a paintball court and a playground for children.

Trg Branka Radičevića 7, 21205 Sremski Karlovci







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